Staff List

To email a staff member, use the username listed below followed by (Example: John Smith = jsmith @

Paige Kelsey Principal pkelsey
Lauren Petzold Assistant Principal lmajor
Elaine Dean Principal's Secretary edean
Cathy Schaffer Building Secretary cschaffer
Michelle Pineda Health Tech mpineda
Elle Ebisch Counselor eebisch
Maegan Bruno Kindergarten Teacher mbruno
Katiana Furey
Kindergarten Teacher kfurey
Jennifer Ellis Kindergarten Teacher jellis
Mike Herndon 1st Grade Teacher jherndon
Stephanie McDonough 1st Grade Teacher smcdonough
Amy Van der Wege 1st/2nd Grade Combination Teacher avanderwege
Jackie Parry 2nd Grade Teacher jparry
Christy Kennedy 2nd Grade Teacher ckennedy
Joan Wilson 3rd Grade Teacher jwilson
Janelle Hale 3rd Grade Teacher jhale
Alyssa Atkins 3rd Grade Teacher aatkins
Alyssa Merkle 4th Grade Teacher amerkle
Dan Reed 4th Grade Teacher dreed
Erik Baker 4th Grade Teacher ebaker
Brenda Miller 5th Grade Teacher bmiller
Sara Wulfkuhle 5th Grade Teacher swulfkuhle
Haley Kinney 5th Grade Teacher hkinney
Traci Quesenberry Art Teacher tquesenberry
Matt Creech Physical Ed Teacher mcreech
Svenja Carlson
Music Teacher scarlson
Jessica Copelin
ELL jcopeland
Kimberly Radle ELL kradle
Rose Francis SIED rfrancis
Holly Valente SIED Para hvalente
Caroline Brown Interventionist cabrown
Christy Rotunno SPED crotunno
Michelle Cross Library Tech mcross
Colleen Moody-Wince Kitchen Manager cmwince
Ray Esparza Building Engineer resparza